Whether its removing debris from a demolition, Tree Removal, Moving Fill Dirt, or Clearing a Site, we have the right truck and equipment for every project. We proudly service all of St. Johns County.

Tree Debris Hauling

If you need tree service, we offer debris hauling and dangerous tree removal, affordable tree service.

Clearing & Grubbing

Clearing & grubbing consists of the removal and disposal of trees, stumps, brush, roots, vegetation, logs, rubbish, and other objectionable matter.

Sand & Gravel Hauling

When you’re looking to have either sand or gravel added to your site, you can depend on us. We’re specialists in hauling these fine materials.

Aggregate Hauling

That Girl Dump Truck offers a complete aggregate delivery and placement service for your job and project needs. Our fleet is a full service fleet.

Topsoil & Fill Dirt Hauling

We specialize in the delivery of fill dirt, top soil, rock, sand, mulch, and raw materials for your construction project.

Rock & Limestone Hauling

Hauling rock has to be done correctly. We haul decorative rock, stone, landscaping rock, crushed limestone, and fill gravel hauling.

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