Dump Truck Service St. Augustine Fl

From demolition to cleanup, we do everything you need to complete your hauling project

Dump-Truck Hauling Services

That Girl Dump Trucking started its operations in 2003. Our start was based on supplying exceptional service in the dump truck service industry to the St. Augustine and St. Johns County area. We are a family owned and operated business which started with only one dump truck. We have expanded to multiple service trucks available for any project.


Our drivers are the best in the trucking business so that our customers receive the service they deserve. From demolition to cleanup, we provide everything you need to complete your project with That Girl Dump Truck Services of St. Johns County, Florida. We offer specialized dump truck hauling services for the lowest prices in the county. We transport raw materials & clear land, and even demolish building sites for one-stop, comprehensive service. With more than 15 years of experience, our employees and contractors use their experience to be the most reliable and efficient haulers in the industry.

Specialty hauling? We’re a company up to the challenge!

Whether you are the seller of the material or a user and need a pickup, our crew delivers all material in a safe and dependable manner. We can even locate your material for you and bring it to your location as quickly as possible. If you need new concrete, dirt, sand, or most any other material for your project we are here to help.

The Safest Distance Between Two Points.