That Girl Dump Trucking is a family owned and operated business that has served the St. Johns County area for over 15 years. Starting with one truck we have grown today to manage a fleet as well as servicing over 100 clients and growing throughout the St Johns county. We’re licensed & insured! Our team is always friendly and on time. We coordinate high volume projects.


Whether you need fill dirt or dump truck services for your commercial or residential project, we have the fleet of trucks to accommodate your needs. We haul a range of products from Fill Dirt, Crushed Asphalt/Concrete, Clay, Shell, Rock/Sand/Gravel, Tree Debris, Mulch, Crushed Limestone and most any type of bulk commodities are hauled daily in That Girl Dump Trucks.

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Full Service Dump Truck Company

Since 2003 we have been a Full Service Dump Truck Delivery Company for Fill Dirt, Topsoil, Crushed Asphalt, Crushed Concrete, Clay, Shell, Mulch and more. We can haul the construction materials you need. We are a contract hauler for St. Augustine, Palatka, and all of the St. Johns county area.

Fill Dirt

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Crushed Asphalt/Concrete

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Tree Debris

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Crushed Limestone

Smooth Delivery

Every load That Girl Dump Trucking delivers is dedicated to the customers we service. If your current hauling provider is falling short on deliveries contact us and put our services into action. Our drivers are dedicated to our customers!

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